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Common Questions Patients Ask About Laser Hair Removal

Why should I have Laser Hair Removal?
Laser Hair Removal can  give you a permanent reduction in the amount of hair in a particular area.   This could eliminate daily routines of plucking and shaving.  This could also eliminate the need for waxing and the tedious and time consuming electrolysis.  Once hair turns gray, it can no longer be removed with a laser.  So if you are thinking about permanently reducing hair  in a particular area, do it before it grays!

How many treatments will I need?
Patients with light skin and dark hair typical have the best response to Laser Hair Removal.  These patients may only need three treatments to achieve "near" permanent hair removal .  Those with lighter hair color or darker skin may need at least 6 treatments to get the same result.  Certain areas of the body respond better to the laser due to the shallower depth of the hair follicle. Skin in the axilla or upper lip tends to allow for greater penetration of the laser energy compared to the skin on a man's back.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?
Every person has a different tolerance level for pain.  M ost areas of the body to undergo Laser Hair Removal with minimal discomfort.  Many describe the feeling as a small rubber band snap on the skin.  Others would say it is like a little wiggle just under the skin.  The use of special ice packs has dramatically decreased the discomfort of this procedure.  We also use a strong topical anesthetic for areas that are typically more sensitive, such as the bikini, underarm or upperlip.

What will be my down time after the Laser Hair Removal Procedure?
The skin in the treated area may be red and have small bumps for several hours after the procedure.  The skin could also feel warm to hot , like after a sunburn.  It is advised to avoid any hot enviornment such as suna, hot tub or any direct sun exposure for couple of days. The hair may seem as if it is growing faster after the procedure, this is actually the dead follicle pushing itself out.  This is normal and can last for up to 10 days.

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